About Us


Our Approach

Working with a wide knowledge base, a narrow work force and low overhead,  Young Giant can bring you high-end motion at a not so high-end price.  Though we are stocked to the teeth with great gear, all of the latest software and great connections, it's the high energy and relentless passion that drive us to make the best videos possible.

Our Story

Beginning in the old model of post production houses, Young Giant has worked with many different kinds of clients ever since.   Big agencies, small agencies, marketing firms, digital... there is no terrain that we have not covered.  We've gathered a rich understanding of the business side, but we've kept our sites on the creative side.  Give us a shout and make us a part of your story.

Meet the creative.

Thomas speaks the language of motion content and can help you build the video your company needs.


Thomas Barrett

Work Horse

2D & 3D modeling and animation, video and cinema production.

Technical know how, creative ideas, in-depth understanding of storylines.

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